Rubber Process Oil ( RPO )

Rubber Process Oil is rich aromatic and paraffinic by products from solvent extracting process to modify physical properties of the vulcanization and to reduce the cost of the finished product. Major category of ATDM RPO`s are:
Rubber processing oil – RPO – Extract – Furfural
• Aromatic
• Paraffinic
• Low viscose
• High viscose
• Heavy
• light

With any packing which you request ; Steel new Drum , bulk , flexi tank , iso tank You could select your own desire viscosity , density , flash point and give us SPEC ( specification ) to produce accordingly . Price will quote to you . FOB , CNF , FOB , CIT , EXW.

We cooperate with many big companies like Sepahan , Behran , Iranol .. and supply oils like: (Aromatic RPO grade 1 ) , (Aromatic RPO grade 2 ) , ( Aromatic RPO grade 3), (paraffinic RPO low viscose ), (paraffinic RPO high viscose) that used in various industries and this oil is safe to use and environment friendly and is recommended for use in
1. processing of rubber for the manufacturing of automobile tyres
2. tubes
3. many other molded rubber goods.
4. Facilitates mixing operations
5. - reduce the processing time
6. - reduce friction & heat development & thus impart processing safety.
7. - Minimize power consumption.
8. - Modify physical properties of the finished products by proper reinforcement of filler particle in rubber.
9. - reduce cost of finished product.
Supply ability is more than 10,000 MT per year .


It is known that the modern rubber compounding process requires high speed mixing and short mixig periods with proper polymer consistency for rapid processingThe function of behran process oils is to improve physical properties of vulcanzation to reduce the cost of the finished rubber compounds.
intermediate prducts with ecellent processability processability,loading(filler)characteristics and tensile properties.
- perfect inteemediate products to optimize required conditions.The compounder can achieve a workable mass with adequate dispersion of correct process oild.
- efficient secondary plasticizers in order to reduce cost.
- offered in two kinds:Aromatic and paraffinic

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